You Help To Create:

Extraordinary Young Lives

At any one time, our schools are teaching and nurturing over 2300 students across NSW. In partnership with our parents, our mission is to grow every student and equip them to become the very best version of themselves: academically, spiritually, physically and socially. As they discover God's love and truth, they discover their life purpose and are better equipped to apply the knowledge they are learning wherever life takes them. You are invited to invest in the development of these wonderful children.


Resources Befitting Excellence

Schools are so much more than bricks and mortar. Never the less, with specialised buildings and resources, we are able to maximise our teaching and learning environments so that our students get the best possible opportunities to develop and grow in their potential. Hence we are committed to regularly renovating and improving our School's physical environment to embrace the best possible standards. 

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Life Enriching Integration

Our Hope Schools embrace special needs students and accommodate them within our larger school campuses. Integration of special needs children deeply enriches our community and is a wonderful expression of Christian values. It is a blessing and a delight to care for those who may lack the opportunities and resources available to others. This is why the establishment and development of our Hope Schools is a mission we regularly invite you to partner with.


Regional Schools With Heart

Quality Christian education should be available to regional communities. Our group of schools now numbers seven, and we believe God will add to this number. As God makes it possible, we partner and join with regional families to establish local schools characterised by teaching, learning, and serving excellence. The establishment of a Christian School forms the physical hub for the growth of a richer community. Your participation and support actually help to change the culture of entire communities.

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World Impacting Missions

Service is a key strategic objective of all our schools. Our students and staff are encouraged to participate in at least one mission trip, to serve the needs of communities throughout Australasia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. You can help send teams and resources that will benefit not just our students, but the many children, parents, and workers with whom we partner. Mission reflects and strengthens an authentic Christian community. When you give, you are partnering with us in the work of God's kingdom. 

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